Make a stand #WearFair
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At NUS we believe in the power of education to change our world and the rights of all children to a basic education but sadly in many countries too many young people, particularly girls, do not have this opportunity to learn. 

The student movement has the power and the means to help change that. One of those ways is through a commitment to buying Fairtrade products to help stop the exploitation of children, preventing them from being pulled out of school and placed in work.  

The work of Epona Clothing is important to help achieve this goal as Fairtrade and organic cotton farming is at the heart of Epona's production. We've seen first-hand the positive impact this has had on communities in rural India.  I personally have visited different villages where women and men have talked about the choices, freedoms and economic capital being part of a Fairtrade collective has afforded them. They have acquired important skills and have high hopes for their children’s’ education and futures, regardless of gender identity.  The schools I have visited are now providing greater access to teachers and educational resources to children who are really excited to have that opportunity and are hungry to learn.

Committing to buy Fairtrade products directly helps children and their families through education and economic independence. That is why it matters to us. That is why it should matter to all of us.

Simon Blake

Chief Executive Officer