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Fair Wear

Epona is a member of Fair Wear Foundation

Epona have signed the FWF code of Labour Practises and FWF, through its brand performance checks and verification activities will review the efforts and progress towards the implementation of the Code. FWF has close to 80 member firms based across eight European countries representing over 100 brands. Production is monitored in 12 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, including Bangladesh and India, where Epona sources garments. 

About Fair Wear Foundation
Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)’s mission is to improve labour conditions in the garment industry. FWF has invested more than 10 years in developing effective solutions to the key problems facing workers in the garment industry.
FWF’s four main areas of activity are:
• checking that member brands respect human rights in their supply chains
• checking working conditions in garment factories
• providing worker complaint hotlines in 12 production countries
• ensuring cooperation between factories, brands and all other stakeholders
FWF is an independent non-profit organisation that is jointly governed by representatives of business, labour and non-profit sectors. Member companies must sign the 8-point FWF Code of Labour Practices, which is based on UN and ILO principles. FWF publicly reports on the progress of member companies towards implementation of the Code. FWF also works closely with a network of stakeholder organisations in production countries.
FWF’s 80 member companies are based in seven European countries, and represent around 100 brands. FWF member products are sold in 20,000 retail outlets in more than 80 countries around the world. FWF is active in 12 production countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.